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    [Official] Game Rules

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    [Official] Game Rules Empty [Official] Game Rules

    Post by Stalker on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:37 pm

    Let's Fly Engaged Game Rules

    The following rules and regulations are valid for all "In-Game" related issues. By all means, everything that happens on the game servers, so this do not include the forum/chat/etc.

    If you have any problems or doubts regarding the following rules, please post a thread on the Support section.

    Those who do not agree to these rules or TOS cannot play on this server.

    Like a Star @ heaven 1. Chat in the Game Like a Star @ heaven

    • The official language on Let's Fly Engaged is ENGLISH, this includes: Game Server, Forum, Chat.
    • If you wish to speak in another language, please do so in the Whisper channel.
    • Excessive cursing is not tolerated.
    • Flaming, insulting players on the Server is 100% FORBIDDEN. If you are caught insulting players for whatever reason, you will receive punishment.

      Like a Star @ heaven 2. Behavior Like a Star @ heaven

      You will treat every player and staff member the same as you would like to be treated.

      Kindness and friendliness are highly favored. Any rude, threatening, insulting, racist, drug-related, radical right-wing and/or vulgar behavior are strictly forbidden.

    • Any comments/remarks of the kind above against either staff or players will be penalized. Please note that there is a difference with what someone find offensive, felt insults are not always insults. Every player will react differently to certain things.
    • Repeated remarks, of the insulting kind, against either staff or player(s) may result in a more severe punishment or even exclusion from all game activities.
    • Any Real Life threats made against either staff or players will result as a permanent ban.
    • Trying to blackmail staff or players to ruin their reputation will be result as a permanent ban from the forum as well as the server.

      Note: This does not mean you cannot report any bad behavior of either a staff member or player. Please personally PM an Admin/GM and give sufficient proof. (Such as a screen shot.)

      2.a Beginners

    • Please treat beginning players with the same respect you would like to be treated with. Don’t laugh at beginners and don’t try to trick them because they don’t know much about the game. We were all beginners once... try and help them!

      Like a Star @ heaven 3. Name Like a Star @ heaven

    • Player and Guilds that are insulting, racist, drug related, radically right-wing, and/or vulgar, are prohibited and will be deleted without preliminary warning.

      3.a Player's Names

    • Players intentionally impersonating staff in any way will receive an immediate ban.

      3.b Guild's Names

    • Guild's names that are insulting, racist, drug related, radically right-wing, and/or vulgar are forbidden and will result in a severe punishment for the guild master if the guild is not disbanded.

      Like a Star @ heaven 4. Spam Like a Star @ heaven

    • Please do not spam on any chat.
    • Advertising other Private Servers on our server is forbidden.

      Like a Star @ heaven 5. Cheating Like a Star @ heaven

    • It is forbidden to ask other players about hacks/bots/trainers/etc.
    • If another player informs you about any of the above, please inform a staff member immediately. Failure to inform the Staff may result in a penalty.
    • The use of a hack/bot/etc will result as a ban without preliminary warning.

      5.a Bug Usage

    • If you find a bug and use it to your advantage, you risk a permanent ban of your account.

      Like a Star @ heaven 6. Events Like a Star @ heaven

    • During an event, you MUST follow the instructions given by the GM's and Admins. By not listening to the instructions will result in exclusion from that event.
    • During an event, it is not allow to harass the GM's, GM's have their hands full from the event.
    • After an event, it is NOT allowed to beg for prizes. Prizes are awarded by the GM's, you may not lay claim to any prize(s). It's at the discretion of the GM's of who wins what.

    Any players that break one or more of the rules above will result as a permanent ban.

    These rules may be changed at any time.

    We hope you'll enjoy your time on the server.

    Written by Stalker

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