[Official] Chatbox Rules

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    [Official] Chatbox Rules Empty [Official] Chatbox Rules

    Post by Stalker on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:48 pm

    Let's Fly Engaged Chatbox Rules

    What you must NOT do :

    • Advertising sites/forums. If you are caught to be advertising, you will be rewarded with a 24 hours ban from the ChatBox.

    • Threaten other members. Please deal your personal matters VIA MSN/AIM/etc. If the problems persist, members who are involved in the "fights" will be banned from the CB and warned/banned from the forum depending on the severity.

    • Using incomprehensible slang/SMS language. Ban from the CB in case of abuse.

    • Spam. Ban from the CB for 12 hours.

    • Speaking in foreign language. Ban from the CB for 12 hours.

    If you encounter any members breaking the rules, please take a screenshot and contact a Moderator/Global Moderator.

    Written by Stalker.

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