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    Positions on Let's Fly Engaged Empty Positions on Let's Fly Engaged

    Post by Stalker on Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:46 pm

    At the moment, we are NOT in need of Staff members.


    • Administrator
    • Moderate Team
    • Graphic Team
    • Tech Team
    • Support Team
    • Game Petrol Team


    All positions required a HIGH PROFICIENCY OF ENGLISH. Meaning, fluent English.

    Tech Team

    Create works & provide information and knowledge to those who have difficulties.

    MUST have: Knowledge in programming. C/C /C# or Visual Basic or ASM.

    Graphic Designer

    Create artworks for the society and provide healthy information/comments to those who have difficulties.

    MUST have: Good artwork skill, using GIMP/Photoshop/Paint/Flash.

    Moderate Team

    Remind and make sure all the members are following the rules of the forum.

    MUST have: Good English proficiency, have basic knowledge. (Have read all the rules is the lease)

    Game Petrol Team

    Staff who are in charge of moderating the game.

    MUST have: Good knowledge in FlyFF, proper manner and good judgements.

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