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    [News] 05/10/09

    [GM] Scarlet Dreamz
    [GM] Scarlet Dreamz

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    [News] 05/10/09 Empty [News] 05/10/09

    Post by [GM] Scarlet Dreamz on Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:35 am

    This week we got:

    Class Npc Updated:
    The class npc will now give u info about all the classes build, so give it a try.

    Free Cash Shop?:
    U are new and want some free cash shop? just introduce urself and make a great intro, if i like the intro i will give u some cash shop or maybe equips +15 or more >_o

    Buff Command?
    Yes, Buff command use ">buff on" whiout quotes to buff urself ingame and stop bothering gms! :3

    Npc Green Seller:

    The sister of is are now gone D:, back in days they used to sell green weapon from level 60 to 105, now that the drop rate is upgraded they don't have a use in here.

    Cash Shop And Cards Seller:
    Now in flaris u can look for the card and the cash shop sellers, they DO NOT SELL CS SETS, only power dices, upgrade stuff and cards for elementing your suit and weapons also piercing them =D.

    We are still in need of donations!

    1 Dollar Donation:
    Yess all cash shop sets are now just 1 dollar!

    Vampire And Ancient Weapons?:

    5 Dollars Donation.

    Well Thats All For Now =D

    [News] 05/10/09 Requestfinished2

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    [News] 05/10/09 Empty Re: [News] 05/10/09

    Post by Necrophagist on Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:57 pm

    Bah today scarlet fixed the acro bugs, arena bugs so now we can get some good duelz Razz. Acros can now finally get DI and Perfect Block Very Happy!

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